Experiential Learning Grants

Grand Challenges Scholars Program students can apply for the Experiential Learning Grant (ELG). The ELG promotes student experiential opportunities in and outside of the Grand Challenge component areas. Grand Challenges Scholars are required to either take courses or participate in an experience for interdisciplinary, entrepreneurship, and the global components. Students will have the ability to participate in more experiential based learning and professional development.

Visit the Experiential Learning Grant webpage for more information.

Research Stipends

The Grand Challenges Scholars Program research funding is to promote students conducting research in the Grand Challenge areas. Students are eligible to receive up to 1 semester of a funding stipend for $1,600.

Grand Challenges Scholars that are selected to participate will automatically be approved for having completed a semester of research for the Grand Challenges Scholars component requirement. Students will be required to present during the FURI symposium and submit an end of the semester summary.

Learn about eligibility requirements and current research stipend recipients.

GCSP Summer Institute

The Grand Challenges Scholars Program offers a Summer Institute in late July at the ASU Tempe campus for 40 Grand Challenge Scholars. The Summer Institute provides newly admitted Grand Challenges Scholars the opportunity to build a community on campus and gain exposure to the Grand Challenges of Engineering before entering their first semester. Students will receive an introduction into the Grand Challenges Scholars program, such as how the Grand Challenges impacts engineering, learn about the five component requirements of the program, and be provided research tours and hands on experiences. 

Find more information about the GCSP Summer Institute.