GCSP Experiential Learning Grant

Grand Challenges Scholars can apply to receive funding from the Fulton Schools for educational travel experiences

What is the Grand Challenges Scholars Program Experiential Learning Grant (GCSP ELG)?

The GCSP ELG is a funding source to help Grand Challenges Scholars travel to extracurricular experiences that contribute to their GCSP competencies and/or professional development experiences, such as conferences or study abroad.

Not a Grand Challenges Scholar?

Apply for the Engineering ELG or learn how to become a Grand Challenges Scholar.


Do not book your travel before you apply.

If you receive the GCSP ELG, you must arrange travel through the Fulton Schools. More information below.

Who is eligible?

Undergraduate students in the Grand Challenges Scholars Program in good academic standing who have successfully completed the FSE150 Perspectives on Grand Challenges for Engineering course.

How much is the grant and what does it cover?

Students may be awarded up to $800 for domestic experiences and up to $1,500 for international experiences.

This grant can be used to cover most experiential learning experiences that contribute to a student’s GCSP competencies and/or professional development, such as the following:

  • Travel to present at a conference
  • Training and professional development opportunities
  • Study Abroad airfare
  • Travel to participate in a funding competition (venture related)
  • Travel to participate in and/or implement a service learning project
  • Other experiences that fall within the funding intentions of the grant

Does the grant pay for my entire trip?

No. The grant does not typically fund your experiences in their entirety. Applicants should seek additional funding sources, such as the following:

Please be ready to provide documentation that you applied for other funding in your application.

The grant is offered by the Grand Challenges Scholars Program through the Fulton Schools Office of Academic and Student Affairs. We believe that extracurricular experiences are key to a student’s academic and personal development. Conferences, study abroad and other experiences give students a chance to make positive community impacts, learn valuable skills and gain recognition for themselves, the Fulton Schools and ASU.

What is the application timeline?

Domestic travel

Apply four to six weeks prior to your departure date. You will receive a response within 14 business days from Student Engagement after you submit your application.

International travel

Apply ten to twelve weeks prior to your departure date. International travel requires Provost’s Office approval, so a response may take as long as 3-5 weeks. In addition, we strongly advise you to register your international travel plans with the Global Education Office when you apply for the GCSP ELG.

How often may I apply?

You may apply multiple times, but you may only be funded once during an academic year (e.g., 2022-23; 2023-24).


Do not book your travel before you apply.

If you receive the GCSP ELG, you must arrange travel through the Fulton Schools. More information below.

Application requirements


Online application

Submit an online application that includes information about yourself and the experience you are hoping to fund. Provide documentation about the experience such as conference name, location, date, and schedule.

Research abstract (if applicable)

If you are applying for travel funds to present research at a conference, submit a research abstract. The abstract should be 50-100 words long and written in third person for a general (non-expert) audience.


  • Ariadne Dimarogona 
  • Hailey Petsch 
  • Kayshavi Bakshi  
  • Reyna Stockwell 
  • Deepit Arora 
  • Carol Lu 
  • Katie Sue Pascavis 
  • Cameron Morgan 

Personal statement

Write a personal statement that is thoughtful and well-articulated. Use the following prompts to develop your statement:

  • What is your motivation for participating in this experience?
  • What are your intended outcomes for this experience?
  • How will this event enhance your academic experience?
  • What actions will you take that will maximize your learning experience?
  • How have you been actively engaged in the GCSP? Briefly describe courses and/or experiences completed for GCSP competencies. Clearly indicate which competency requirements were completed for each course/experience. Mention other GCSP experience as is relevant.
  • How does this experience contribute to your GCSP progress and/or professional development?
  • How does your cultural or personal background influence your interest in this experience?

ASU has many campus resources to support the writing of your personal statement. Please use them! You can schedule an appointment with the Writing Center or contact a faculty member in your school for feedback.

Specifics about monetary requests

You will need to provide specific amounts for each item in your request, as well as the total amount you are requesting. Funds may be requested for travel- or experience-related expenses. Examples include:

  • Event registration
  • Airfare
  • Hotel
  • Mileage
  • Car rental
  • Meals during the experience
  • Ground transportation
  • Materials/supplies needed for the experience
  • Other travel or experience-related expenses

If you have applied for other funding sources, be prepared to describe the details of your additional funding requests.

Unofficial transcripts

How to download your Unofficial Academic Transcript from My ASU:

  1. Log in to My ASU.
  2. Go to the Classes tab in the upper left.
  3. Click Transcripts & Test Scores.
  4. Select Unofficial Transcript to download a PDF transcript.

Faculty or mentor letter of support

Request a letter of support from a faculty mentor. Your mentor should express support for you and your participation in the experience. If you are presenting at a conference, ask your mentor to mention it in the letter.


Experience confirmation

Provide evidence of the experience you plan to attend, such as a conference website URL, or an email confirming your acceptance or registration.

If you are presenting at a conference, provide proof you have been invited to speak. For example, an acceptance email or an event itinerary with your name on the schedule.


Additional requirements

Travel arrangements must be made through the Fulton Schools

Do not book your travel before applying for this grant.

If your funding request is approved, you will be required to make your travel arrangements with the Fulton Schools’ Business Office. This is a requirement of ASU’s travel policy. You will receive more information at the time of grant approval.

Share your experience with us!

If you receive a grant, we ask that you submit a focused written reflection of your experience and at least one horizontal photo of you engaged in the experience (and more are welcome).

Your reflection should summarize the outcomes of your event/project/travel, and describe how the experience will enhance your engineering education and professional preparedness.

Ready to apply?

Once you have all your application requirements prepared, submit your application online.

Experiential Learning Grant reflections

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