Become a Grand Challenges Scholar

The Fulton Grand Challenges Scholars Program combines innovative curriculum and cutting-edge research experiences into an intellectual fusion that spans academic disciplines and includes entrepreneurial, global, and service learning opportunities.

The program’s goal is to prepare tomorrow’s engineering leaders to solve the grand challenges facing society during the next century. Through completion of the five components of the program, students will have the opportunity to engage in research relating to their selected grand challenge, explore interdisciplinary coursework, gain an international perspective, engage in entrepreneurship, and give back to the community through service learning.

Fulton Engineering students who complete the program will achieve the distinction of Grand Challenges Scholar, endorsed by both ASU and the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), and will be uniquely prepared to collaborate and succeed in a transdisciplinary and global environment.

Spring 2022 GCSP Graduating Class

ASU celebrates largest cohort of Grand Challenges Scholars

Students in Arizona State University’s Grand Challenges Scholars Program prepare to address global concerns through competencies that impart an ability to see the big picture, consider all aspects of a problem and create value for society. The 21 graduates (13 pictured) of the Spring 2022 cohort represent the largest cohort in the Fulton Schools program’s history.

What is the Grand Challenges Scholars Program?

The Grand Challenges Scholars Program provides undergraduate students with curricular and co-curricular component requirements while being mentored by faculty and staff. The program focuses on the 14 Grand Challenges of Engineering through the Fulton Schools of Engineering research themes of sustainability, health and joy of living.

What Makes a Grand Challenges Scholar?

Grand Challenges Scholars complete coursework and/or experiential opportunities to achieve the five competencies of the NAE Grand Challenges Scholars Program: Talent, Multidisciplinary, Viable Business/Entrepreneurship, Multicultural, and Social Consciousness.

Program Opportunities

Grand Challenges Scholars are eligible for a research stipend, the experiential learning grant, and participation in the Summer Institute. Learn more about GCSP opportunities!

T-shirt with the words Challenge Accepted on the back

ASU Grand Challenges Scholars ready to face a changing world

In Spring 2020, eight new Grand Challenges Scholars graduated to begin tackling global challenges in health, sustainability, education and more.

“The challenges we face as a global society are complex; it is important for engineers to look beyond the technical and recognize other types of people and information they must work with to effectively address them,” says Amy Trowbridge, GCSP director.

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Become a Grand Challenges Scholar

Incoming Freshmen and Current Fulton Engineering sophomores, juniors, and seniors are welcome to apply into the program by filling out the appropriate online application.