Program Leadership


The Program Leadership is an interdisciplinary team that works to ensure the success of the Grand Challenges Scholars Program at ASU. The program leadership is comprised of the Sr. Associate Dean, the Grand Challenges Scholars Program Co-Directors, Steering Committee, Student Leaders, and program staff.

James Collofello, Vice Dean Academic and Student Affairs

Jim Collofello serves as vice dean of academic and student affairs and has held this position since 2006. In this capacity, he leads the school’s student recruitment and retention, career development and placement, K-12 programming, new curriculum development, accreditation and oversight of Fulton Difference programming. The Fulton Difference consists of innovative programs operated at scale to provide students with opportunities to develop and enhance their research, leadership, project development and entrepreneurship skills. Major Fulton Difference programs include engineering student organizations, Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative (FURI), Fulton Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP), Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UGTA) program and Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS). 

Grand Challenges Scholars Program Director and Assistant Director: The program directors oversee all program processes including recruitment, admission, competency approvals, and graduation. Advise students in choosing courses and experiences that meet program requirements to build their pathway toward graduating as a Grand Challenges Scholar. The Directors also develop and implement program curriculum including the FSE 150 Perspectives on Grand Challenges for Engineering course and the GCSP Summer Institute.

Amy Trowbridge
Amy Trowbridge

Haolin Zhu, Assistant Director

Lindsey Dickerson

Lindsey Dickerson, Professional Staff

Provide guidance through the program requirements, advise students on courses and opportunities that satisfy requirements, coordinate opportunities for students to be involved in a variety of related programs and events, recruit and admit students into the program, and promote the program within the Fulton Schools of Engineering Undergraduate Student Engagement Office.

GCSP Steering Committee: Support and advocate for GCSP, and provide advice, guidance, and oversight on various matters related to the current and future plans and directions of the GCSP. This committee includes faculty from across the Fulton Schools, our GCSP Student Leaders, GCSP Faculty Directors, Vice Dean James Collofello, and GCSP staff.


Deepit Arora, Student Leader

Sophomore, Robotics Engineer focused on Joy of Living

Nyah Kshatriya, Student Leader

Senior, Biomedical Engineer passionate about Health

Anant Rastogi, Student Leader

Sophomore, Computer Systems Engineer passionate about Security