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Engineering  |  Grand Challenges Scholars Program

Program committee


The Program Committee is an interdisciplinary team that works to ensure the success of the Grand Challenges Scholars Program at ASU. The program committee is comprised of the Sr. Associate Dean, the Grand Challenges Scholars Program Co-Directors, Faculty Mentors, and program staff.

James Collofello, Vice Dean Academic and Student Affairs

Grand Challenges Scholars Program Director: Supervises the program admission and component approval processes. The Director also creates the FSE 150 Perspectives on Grand Challenges in Engineering coursework and the Summer Institute curriculum.

GCSP Faculty Advisors: Provide mentorship and guidance throughout the program including approving program components, providing information regarding research, and other opportunities.

GCSP Professional Staff: Provide guidance through the program requirements, advise students on courses and opportunities that satisfy requirements, coordinate opportunities for students to be involved in a variety of related programs and events, recruit and admit students into the program, and promote the program within the Fulton Schools of Engineering Undergraduate Student Engagement Office.