Esther Sim is a Biomedical Engineering major in the Barrett Honors College, Co-President of the Biomedical Engineering Society, and a Grand Challenge scholar who stays actively involved in the Fulton Community. Check out what Esther had to say regarding GCSP, as well as the NAE GCSP Annual Meeting below.


  1. Why did you join GCSP and what has been the biggest takeaway/benefit from being part of the program?
    • I joined GCSP because I wanted to challenge myself academically and push the boundaries of what it means to be an engineer. Ultimately, GCSP has allowed me to diversify and enrich my college experience with a more globally minded and socially conscious perspective on engineering, in addition to providing a community of like-minded engineering students and alumni.
  2. What is/was your favorite part about being in GCSP?
    • My favorite part about being in GCSP is the provided opportunity for professional development, such as attending the NAE GCSP Annual Meeting and the GCSP Global Summit.
  3. Why did you want to attend the NAE GCSP annual meeting and what was the biggest takeaway/benefit from attending? Do you recommend for other students to attend?
    • I wanted to attend the NAE GCSP Annual Meeting because I wanted to network and connect with GCSP students, alumni, and program directors from all across the nation. I would definitely recommend other students to attend, as it allowed me to see the broader GCSP network outside of ASU and connect with students with similar interests out of state.
  4. How do you believe that having attended the NAE GCSP annual meeting has helped prepare you for your future career as an engineer?
    • Yes, I believe it has helped me, primarily by providing me with valuable networking opportunities and extensive personal and professional connections to engineers and alumni across the nation. It also helped motivate me to get more involved with science policy as an engineer, as well as to think outside the scope of our respective fields to aid in shaping global engineering education.
  5. Any other thoughts/comments/memories!
    • Washington D.C. has a ton of really great museums and art exhibits, so I definitely had a good time exploring as well!