515_445604222154665_347634690_nAnna Bailey developed an interest in computers at a young age. As her interest grew, she recognized the importance of cyberspace security. Anna learned ways to protect herself online, but what about those who use their computers daily, yet don’t know how to protect themselves? “I chose security as my grand challenge theme to help eliminate the rising number of citizens in society who become victims of those that are misusing technology.”

As a scholar in GCSP, a major takeaway for Anna from the program is how she can help people on a larger scale. From technical skills to improved communication to managing long-term projects, these skills are necessary for a leader in the professional world. After graduation, Anna plans to pursue her passion for cyberspace security.

Her advice for students working their way through the GCSP requirements is to persevere. “Sometimes it will seem easier to put off or stop meeting requirements for the GCSP. I’d suggest that people push through it because the skills and lessons you’ll take away from completing the GCSP requirements are rewarding (and great resume enhancers!).”