Alyssa Nazareno
GCSP Theme: Energy
Graduating Spring 2018
GCSP Research Stipend Proposal: Long-Lasting, Highly Efficient Solar Modules using Alternate Interconnection Techniques

The problem: In the rapidly growing solar industry, its becoming increasingly crucial that solar cellsĀ are made for maximum efficiency. The current module for photovoltaics–a system using solar panels and solar cells to generate electrical power–has limited flexibility and is not made for maximum efficiency.

The project: Alyssa’s solution to this problem is to create a module using alternating front-junction and rear-junction silicon heterojunction (SHJ) cells. This would increase efficiency and flexibility. During production, controlled amounts of stress will be applied to the module to test durability and flexibility. ASU is currently working on this type of module, so Alyssa’s project builds on this idea. “The goal of this project is to build a solar module that takes advantage of the unique ASU cells and develop a back-to-back interconnection of cells with an efficiency that is about the same or greater than that of a commercial module.”

Future implications: This project will be completed in ASU’s Solar Power Lab (SPL) in the MacroTechnology Works (MTW) building of the ASU Research Park where Alyssa will collaborate with other undergraduate and graduate students. If successful, the new module will be installed on the roof of the Engineering Research Center (ERC). This project has the potential to be mass produced on a national and global level to provide long-lasting, efficient energy to homes.