"There is more to engineering than just equations and technical skills."

“There is more to engineering than just equations and technical skills.”

As a graduating senior, Dallas Sigrist’s journey in the Grand Challenge Scholars Program began when he recevied an invitation to apply for the program as an incoming freshman. Wanting to start off his college career by getting involved with a rewarding program, he applied and was accepted to be apart of GCSP.

While enrolled in the program, Sigrist also involved himself the Engineering Projects in Community Service program, completing three semesters of the program and earning his service learning component for GCSP. Aside from improving on his teamwork, leadership, and practical skills, Sigrist enjoyed EPICS because it “was a very fun and fulfilling experience [and] I felt like the projects actually made a difference in the community.” He is certain that the skills he developed from EPICS will prove beneficial no matter where life takes him.

He reflects that one of the most interesting courses he took was Bioethics. This course opened his eyes to various controversial technologies and other medical applications, while also counting for his interdisciplinary component. Sigrist also acknowledges the value of his entrepreneurship courses, Intro to Entrepreneurship and Business/Industrial Engineering; both courses exposed him to the innerworkings of business and how to market and sell products.

Sigrist is enrolled in the 4+1 program and therefore plans on completing his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. After graduation you will be able to find him either working at Intel or working in the Biotechnology industry.

Out of all the classes, research, and internships, Dallas Sigrist’s biggest takeaway from GCSP is: “there is more to engineering than just equations and technical skills.”